Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Jamar Williams, Dream Shore Studios is one of the most respected and trusted real estate multi-media firms in San Diego, CA.


Dream Shore Studios is a dynamic real estate multi-media collective that has a clear understanding of the marketing needs of the industry.

Each project is specifically tailored with your business goals in mind, utilizing a specialized and powerful approach that leverages our best-in-class creative solutions and marketing experience to optimize your listings, maximize your assets, and connect with your audience.

Engaging videos will convert your most valuable assets-your listings and produce a productive and efficient workflow by bringing your story to life to unlimited viewers while allowing you to focus on other important tasks and deadlines.


51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Marketers use video for all types of brands to increase following, gain more customers, and boost brand awareness.

For real estate agents ready to invest in marketing tactics, video is a clear choice that has a proven ROI.


Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. In our age of sharing (apartments, cars, cat photos, the list goes on!), your reach can be even wider, if you’re creating content that your users want to share. (Source: Orion21)


Our philosphy is simple.

We strive to stay innovative so we can offer you the best products and services available. Our goal is to be upfront, honest, and communicative with our clients at all points of the production process.

“Our customer experience is as important as our products”

Jamar S. Williams

CEO & Founder

Creative Partners


Gary Jacobs
Commercial Videographer & Editor: DBS Productions

Lani Nicole
Corporate Branding & Photography: Black Moon Images

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